Felt Owl Ornaments

Good morning and hello November. With the craft fair rapidly approaching I’ve been doing a lot of playing with felt lately. These little guys are not my original idea, I found a pattern for these and just had to try them. To be totally honest, I didn’t want to take the time with the pattern part so I just looked at the picture and made up the steps as I went along. Here’s what I did.

Material’s used:

Pre-cut felt sheets, ivory yarn, ribbon, stuffing, and thread

01. I drew out the pieces of my owl on cardstock and labelled them. This way I’d be able to make more than one the same size.

02. Then I chose my felt colors and cut out my pieces. I cut out 1 stomach piece, 2 wing pieces, 2 body pieces, and 2 eyes pieces (making on slightly smaller than the other). There is also an orange nose piece, I just did a simple triangle, that I forgot to add the picture, I chose orange, but it really could be an color.

03. First I took one of my body pieces and sewed on the eyes and the orange nose piece, starting with the nose.

04. Then I cut out two small dark brown circles and sewed them on with some yarn completely the eye section of the little guy, we’ll call him Bernard.

05. Using the same thread I sewed a decorative pattern on the stomach piece and then sewed it onto our owl. (Side note, sorry about the fuzziness of this picture, Sacha was trying to lick the camera lens and managed to get one good lick in there before he got put in the backyard.)

06. Taking my two wing pieces I sewed them onto either side of Bernard’s body.

07. Setting aside my front body piece, I took my back piece and sewed on a simple ribbon loop.

08. After attaching the ribbon, I took my front piece and sewed it onto my back piece, leaving an opening at the bottom of the owl for the stuffing. After inserting the desired amount of stuffing, I sewed up the bottom and trimmed off the extra fabric. And voila, Bernard the owl was completed.

These were fun to make and you will definitely be seeing Bernard and his holiday-inspired friends at the craft fair 17 November! If you happen to be in Enid, Oklahoma come on by!


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