Doodling, Once Again

This mama needed a good relaxing doodle session between these non-stop projects I’ve had lately and, as usual, Nora ended up being the main subject. Also, apparently its incredibly evident I’m in full on beach season mode!





Hopefully everyone gets to throw on a suit soon and get out into some nice cool water!


New Rattles Are In!

Just in time for planting outside and cherry blossoms blooming, here are some of the new spring line from Emy+Annie!

Rattles - Bluebird01 Rattles - Mouse01 Rattles - Robin01 Rattles - Sheep01 Rattles-hedgehog01

We’ve been crazy over here, and by we, I mean “I”. Flyboy has been deployed for the last two months leaving the house to be completely girl-ified by Nora and I. I always manage to take on projects that are two-person jobs when he’s gone, I think its to make sure that every second of every day is filled to the brim (Awful logic, by the way). So I decided to renovate our upstairs bath and between being a mommy, this upstairs bath chaos, and a super busy Emy+Annie, its been one crazy ride! BUT! Stay tuned for bathroom “before” and “after”s soon.

Have a lovely day and if you need a baby shower gift or the perfect spring time baby accessory… good news, we’ve got some!


Mini Photographer

Last night Nora was chilling in my studio with my while I edited and she played. I happened to look over and she had grabbed one of my old cameras lying around. It was so cute that I had to snap a few photos of her.










Happy Thursday!


The Dover Post

This past week, I was contacted by a reporter with our local paper, The Dover Post, interested in writing an article about Emy+Annie of all things! Well I definitely wasn’t going to say no so Monday morning this incredibly sweet reporter stopped by. Nora shared her toys with her and we chatted about Emy+Annie. It was pretty crazy, as in crazy awesome!


So click here to see the article! Needless to say, I’m extremely flattered and hopefully it continues to be upward momentum with Emy+Annie! Next stop, household name!


Nora’s Table Gets A New Look

Last month, I bought this great children’s size metal folding table and two chairs, for $3 at a flea market. (Later I found this same set on eBay for $300, go figure)

It was its original metal color, but pretty rusty. So it went from flea market to my garage and finally! I had a free afternoon to give this set some loving.

It was a pretty basic process, I sanded down the rust, made sure there wasn’t any gunk built up in the corners, then started spray painting. It took several thins coats and about two cans of my robins egg blue Valspar spraypaint, but it ended up coming out so even that it was totally worth the extra time. Since I painted the top of the table as well, I took some enamel coating, leftover from another project, and did two coats of that on the table’s surface.

While that was drying, I measured out the seats, of the chairs, and then with cardboard as the base. I layered quilt batting and a white and blue Swiss dot cotton on top. I stapled the fabric to the bottom of the cardboard and then used super strength spray adhesive to attach them to the chair seats. Overall, I probably spent about $12 on this set.

But, the true test was of it met Nora’s approval… And it totally did! She loves it and, in turn, I feel like a bit of a superhero for being able to revamp something that she’ll enjoy for a long time.




Now Nora and I are off to go have a tea party! Have a lovely evening!


Rattle Giveaway Time Once Again!

It’s time for another giveaway! Here’s how it works – to enter the giveaway contest you must go to our official Emy+Annie Facebook page, then LIKE and also SHARE the giveaway post on your wall and then you’ll be entered! Pretty simple.
And on March 12th my lovely assistant, Nora, will pick the winner!