Outfits & The Outdoors

Even though the trees haven’t hopped on, the weathers finally on board the autumn band wagon and Little Miss thought it would be a great morning to explore.

For those not following our Instagram, Little Miss has been choosing her own outfits for the last few months… And I must say, doing a pretty amazing job at it. Occasionally she tries to convince me that a sweater is a perfect substitute for pants… But really who likes pants anyway, I get it.

So today she ventured out in (one) of her pink tutus, blue kitty socks, and brown leather boots… With Bop, the bunny, along naturally.



Now it’s back to work for me and nap time for my little explorer.


VOTE NOW! We’re 2014 Martha Stewart American Made Awards Finalists!


Emy+Annie is a finalist in Martha Stewarts American Made Awards and we would LOVE your vote! Votes actually, turns out you can vote 6x a day… now granted, we definitely aren’t expecting people to log on and vote 6x a day until October 13th… that’s quite a bit to ask. But, if you have a second and want to send us one or two, we would be beyond grateful.



We entered this contest, on a whim, back in August, and somehow were chosen as a finalist! We are totally honored to be a finalist and definitely are content with those bragging rights alone. Now, granted, if Martha Stewart ever looked at our profile and acknowledged that Emy+Annie existed… I could pretty much die happy.

So here we are, along for the ride and loving it so far! I also wanted to stop and thank everyone who’s already voted/voting for us, you’re pretty much amazing and we’re lucky to have you guys!


Nora’s Quiet Book

This past week I decided to make Nora a quiet book. We have several trips this fall and, even though I’ve flown multiple times with a baby, I’ve yet to fly with a full blown toddler. I don’t think she sits still for more than 5 minutes at a time so, needless to say, I’m a bit apprehensive.

One of my fiends actually asked if I could make some quiet books for Emy+Annie. I thought it was a great idea, but had to beta test it first. So, this is my first official quiet book. I kind of made it up as a went along and ended up going an extremely girly route.

Here are the pages first and then page by page detailed pictures before.









Those are the basic overview of the pages in order and then here are the more detailed ones below.

I love this cover. I wanted to do something girly and feminine and what’s more girly than a good mongram. I chose a thick gray wool felt for the exterior and the binding.


The phone page. The top of the phone is attached with a cotton cord and Velcro so It removes to make important toddler phone calls.



The car page. I connected the little yellow car to the pages with a cotton cord and even gave it it’s own little pink garage pocket so it doesn’t have to hang out of the book.


The ballet shoes page. Pretty straight forward page with ribbons that can untie on the slippers and a satin background for a fun texture.


The bathtub page. One of my favorites, the shower curtain can slide side to side as well as the felt tub doubling as a pocket to hold attached blue beaded bubbles.




The weaving page. This one is also pretty straight forward, but I LOVE the colors. Lots of different textures too which, if anyone knows my tactile daughter, will know this page will be a hit.


The flower page. Again with the textures, lots of ribbons, buttons, tulle, and plenty of taggies attached.


The clothes line page. This is another of my favorites. Again with the Velcro, there are pieces of clothing, stored on the next page, to help with color matching. Oh, and Pom poms, because really why not.



The washing machine page. Nora is obsessed with our washing machine. I mean loves it. So where better to store her color matching clothes.




The dress up the owl page. Apparently, I can’t make anything without adding a little bit of woodland to it. There’s a little pocket with eyes and accessories to add the the Velcro ready owl.



My last page, and my favorite, the button teacup page. Again, pretty straightforward, the teacups are fabric with a felt backing, for stability, and have buttonholes that you can attach them to the page with. I just really love the patterns! And tea!



And finally the back of the book… With a embroidered note to remind that darling little girl how much I love her.


So that’s the book! Hopefully I can tweak these and have some up on our website, emyandannie.com before long.


Cardboard Kitchen

Our little lady loves making me dinner lately. These dinners usually consist of some wooden blocks with a garnish of blue crayon in a play pan and, if I’m lucky, a dessert usually consisting of well-stirred dollhouse furniture. With all of this cooking going on I decided the other day that it was a good day to make a kitchen for my Julia Child. One of the perks about moving every few years is that you always have plenty of deconstructed cardboard boxes stored away. I grabbed a few boxes, my box cutter, and some packing tape and got to work.

Because the outside of the boxes had been marked up with labels, thanks to multiple moves, I cut all of the boxes, turned them inside out, and taped them back up.

For the washing machine I used an old plastic colander, I found at a thrift store, for the barrel.

Overall, I think I spent about $3 on this kitchen and Little Miss has been occupied for days. Success!






Emy+Annie Is A Nominee for Martha Stewart’s 2014 American Made Awards

That’s right folks, the names Emy+Annie and Martha Stewart are in the same header.  We are currently accepting donations of fingers crossed, quick prayers, and good luck wishes!

ms banner

If we get chosen as a finalist, voting starts on Sept. 15th and we would be honored if you wanted to take a second and go check out our profile page, share it on your social media page, and maybe leave some comment love. We wouldn’t be any kind of successful without tons of caffeine, late nights, supportive husbands, and of course, amazing people who have hopped on the Emy+Annie band wagon and supported us!

Thank you again for, pretty much, being awesome… and here goes nothin’.


ms - profile



Cameras, Carrots, and Campers

It’s summer. It’s so summer. I don’t think I’ve truly appreciated the season of summer in years, that is, until I spent it with an 18 month toddler who happens to think everything is spectacular and awe-inspiring. It’s not a good day in little miss’s world until we’ve been outside and touched every ladybug we can find and run those fat chubby little fingers through the grass. And I love all of it… even the dirt eating.


Our little family has been plugging along these last few months. Flyboy is still flying all over who knows where on a regular basis, but is about to pin on captain… and I have to say, I do like the ring of that title.

Emy+Annie went through a major visual overhaul and, I’ve got to say, it was a much needed revamp. If you haven’t checked us out lately, we’d love to see you over there. We’re in two more stores now and getting ready for another to open this September in our own downtown! It’s very exciting.

home page screenshot

So here I am, immersed in carrot pancakes in the morning, swimming in the afternoon with little miss, and sewing mini campers in the evenings. Life is a beautiful thing, albeit a occasionally stressful, discouraging, hectic, busy, thing. So here’s to the rest of summer… though hopefully I’ll post again before spiced pumpkin latte season begins.







Don’t forget to enjoy the ladybugs!

Doodling, Once Again

This mama needed a good relaxing doodle session between these non-stop projects I’ve had lately and, as usual, Nora ended up being the main subject. Also, apparently its incredibly evident I’m in full on beach season mode!





Hopefully everyone gets to throw on a suit soon and get out into some nice cool water!